Rod Lovell’s David and Goliath story

AGAINST ALL ODDS: Rod Lovell has faced adversity in the skies and shares his story.

Captain Rod Lovell is a pilot, a writer and publisher and a Justice of the Peace.

Most of all he is a survivor and more than that he has regained his reputation and shared his enormous resilience with many others.

This has inspired his readers and listeners and caused, more than a little grief for the authorities, whom for so long castigated him and refused to release critical details of the downing of his DC 3 flight.

In his book ’From Hero to Zero’ self-published in 2019, Captain Lovell reveals how his life changed forever in April 1994, when in a matter of 46 seconds “Echo Delta Charlie’s’ got a slight problem, we’ll

just ah……standby one” calmly he spoke, at least on the surface, to air traffic control as the engine on his aircraft, packed with passengers, failed.

Fortunately for all concerned he efficiently put the plane down and made sure all crew and passengers were safe and sound.

Captain Lovell said “my civil aviation career covered flying many jet aircraft to eventually the DC-3“.

“It was, while working with my much-loved DC-3 aircraft that the events of April 24, 1994, came to pass,” he said.

“As pilot in command, we are given numerous documents prior to a flight, which have been compiled and signed off by various authorised/licensed individuals.

“The captain trusts the information provided in these documents, as they are designed to be relied on by him for the safe and efficient operation of the flight.

“Some of these include engine maintenance, certifying that the engines are in good repair and properly maintained: a load sheet, providing the captain with details of the load of passengers and freight, a fuel release, certifying the amount of fuel uploaded.”

On that fateful day what should have happened didn’t and it became clear that the aircraft would need to complete an emergency landing.

You can read about this event and much of Captain Lovell’s other flying adventures in his book.

What you will also read about is his strength of character and his determination to share his story with others who may find themselves in opposition to the powers that be.

In this case, as in many others, this resounds with the lived experience of many people who are made to feel helpless when up against powerful organisations, public or private, who would rather cover

their backs than deal with matters, honestly and truthfully.

Captain Lovell’s story, and his subsequent regaining of his reputation and acknowledgement, is a story worth telling over and over again.

It goes to the belief that David can, in actual fact, bring Goliath to heel.

Captain Lovell is an active member of the southern coast communities.