CFS stoked with donation

HANDY: Waitpinga CFS firefighters Sue West and Tony Huddy put the new Stokes litter on the truck.

The Waitpinga Country Fire Service (CFS) brigade is better equipped to carry patients out of tricky situations thanks to a donation from the Rotary Club of Victor Harbor and the CFS Foundation.

The brigade, which is part of the CFS’s Victor Group, has been able to buy a Stokes litter and fit it to the newly-delivered Waitpinga 44 fire truck.

Victor Group Officer Graham Lovell said the brigade highlighted the need for the Stokes litter about 18 months ago to carry patients in difficult-to-access areas.

“It is used to restrain a patient after being stabilised by SAAS (SA Ambulance Service) and then transported usually by foot to awaiting ambulance,” he said.

“Several retrievals over the past years have been from Waitpinga Cliffs, Waitpinga Beach, and Newland Head, but the Stokes can be used anywhere, from a rural property or the second floor of a house.”

Mr Lovell said other agencies such as the State Emergency Service and Metropolitan Fire Service also often assisted in these retrievals, especially if a vertical rescue is required, and they would access the Stokes litter as well.

He thanked the Rotary Club of Victor Harbor and the CFS Foundation for providing the funding to allow for this handy addition.