River Registry welcomes travellers

TRAVELLED: Francois Lemancel completes his journey in Goolwa. Photo: Kathy Sutton. 336005_02

Since the recent 10 year anniversary celebrations of the Inland Rivers National Marathon Register (IRNMR) on Wednesday April 19, the register has welcomed a number of River Murray travellers into Goolwa, who have been met by team leader Kathy Sutton and IRNMR team members.

The IRNMR are now focussing their attention on the Seventieth Anniversary Celebrations of the serendipitous meeting between Bill Confoy and now IRNMR Director Frank Tuckwell which will take place in November 2024.

Bill Confoy was paddling a Canadian canvas canoe from Goondiwindi, QLD along the Darling River, but he finished his journey at Goolwa, where he met a young Frank Tuckwell who recorded Bill’s journey using a pen and paper.

The IRNMR are open to suggestions of how to celebrate this famous meeting, contact Derek Bowman on derekjbowman@gmail.com for more information.