Students with $20 and a dream

Year seven students Oliver and Blair sold coasters and phone stands with the help of Blair's sibling Yasmin, who is in year 12. Photo: Dani Brown. 376636_01

Yankalilla Area School middle school students set up their own businesses with just $20 and sold their wares at a market day on Wednesday, November 15.

The business ideas were bountiful, ranging from homemade smoothies and baked goods, to pet rocks and bike washes, and jewellery, badges, and an array of other products and services.

Students, their families, and the wider community were invited to attend the market from 12.30pm to 2.30pm at the school.

The project was based off the $20 Boss program but tailored to suit Yankalilla Area School, humanity and social sciences teacher (HASS) Narissa Dunn said.

“Students had to create a business and make some money,” she said.

Year seven students Kade and Harry made their own cleaning products and washed students’ bikes.

“We all ride bikes and we all had an interest,” Harry said.

“We’ve done 11 bike washes.”

Fellow HASS teacher Jade Barry said the market was one of the ways the school was looking at student-focused learning, which was something the Education Department was doing as well.

“(The market) was focusing on skills like team building, creation, communication, and customer service,” she said.

“I’ve loved seeing them so happy and excited, making a profit and being surprised that they made a profit, and the turnout – the community has really supported it.

Ms Dunn said students will be looking back on the day to wrap up the project.

“They will do a reflection after, on what they achieved and how they collaborated with others, and the team skills,” she said.

“We would definitely do it again – it was a lot of work but to see the smiles on faces and them making money and running their own businesses, it showed they can be successful and feel proud.”