Art of Photography

Winner of the Eagle Challenge - Bird of Prey by Andy Mitchell.

South Coast Camera Club is on the road again.

The South Coast Camera Club (SCCC) is busily preparing for its annual field trip, members Leanne and Lyn have put together a fantastic program.

In May they are off to the Lower Yorke Peninsula for an extended weekend away and meeting up with the Southern Yorke Photography Club who will be showing them around the local sites.

This is but one of the many outings that SCCC undertake throughout the year.

Others include an Adelaide City Street walk/workshop, a trip to Bleasdale Winery and a Light painting night.

SCCC had its annual competition with the North Country Camera Club, of New Hampshire, USA. recently.

This is known as The Eagle Challenge and was again successful.

The competition consists of 20 photos from each club and one being of a Bird of Prey (thus the name).

This competition was borne of a visit by SCCC to the North Country Camera Club on its 2018 Annual Field Trip to the USA.

The SCCC Top Photos from the competition are on this page and with thanks to Grant Petras from the SCCC.